Sat: 12-3p
Sun: 10a-5p


Yo-yos have gone a long way since “walk the dog and rock the baby!” After decades of  being a classic toy, everything changed in 1990 when Tom Kuhn produced the first all-metal ball-bearing yo-yo, and nothing in the hobby has been the same since. We want you to make the most of our massive selection of yo-yos. Go Big hosts classes three times a week! Our teachers are helpful and will teach you anything from beginner to advanced level tricks! No registration needed. 



Sat: 3-5p
Sun: 10a-5p


Juggling is another fun skill toy that can really help with developing your hand-eye coordination. Our instructors teach basic three ball juggling and clubs. No registration needed.  


The Rubik's Cube has been a mainstay of puzzle enthusiasts since it's invention in 1974. Since taking the world by storm in the 1980's, it's cemented itself as an endearing classic toy, engaging adults and children alike. Now, the sport is focused on "speed cubing", the practice of solving traditional as well as new cube designs in the shortest possible time. Although the original 3x3 cube remains the most popular, a whole collection on Rubik's Cube inspired puzzles  have been put out that bend the mind and challenge even the most seasoned Cuber.

Rubik's Cube

Sat: 3p-5p
Sun: 10a-5p


Thurs: 4:30p-6p
Sat: 3p-5p
Sun: 10a-5p

Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy that consists of one ball and three cups. It's pretty amazing what people can do with these. Be careful, you might get hooked! No registration needed. 


The spin-top is a toy that traces it's lineage to antiquity. Borne from simpler toys that came before, such as finger-spun tops (such as the Dreidel) and pull-cord gyroscopes, today's modern tops are made similarly to yo-yo's, having been cut from metal and advanced plastics, in order to achieve greater balance than their predecessors could ever have dreamed. Modern spin-tops are truly one of the most difficult and rewarding skill-toys to master.


Sat: 3p-5p
Sun: 10a-5p

Ask for more details and registration at our front counter in-store. 
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