Tues, Thurs: 4:30 - 6:00p 

Sat: 12-3p


Yo-yos have gone a long way since “walk the dog and rock the baby!” We want you to make the most of our massive selection of yo-yos. Go Big hosts classes three times a week! Our teachers are helpful and will teach you anything from beginner to advanced level tricks! No registration needed. 



Sat: 3-5p


Juggling is another fun skill toy that can really help with developing your hand-eye coordination. Our instructors teach basic three ball juggling and clubs. No registration needed.  



Tues, Thurs: 6-6:30p

Kendama is a traditional Japanese toy that consists of one ball and three cups. It's pretty amazing what people can do with these. Be careful, you might get hooked! No registration needed. 


Arts & Crafts

Fri (Bi-Weekly): 4:30-6:30p

Coming April 1st, 2016! Details and registration at the counter.   


Family Game Night

3rd Friday of Every Month: 4:30-6:30p


Try out some new board games and some classics! We invite you, your family and friends for a fun and free night at Go Big! Please send us an email if you are interested in signing up your family or friends.